Nick Dolph

Two of my favorite things in this world are images and stories. I consider myself immensely lucky that I am entrusted to create both stories and images for a living. I wouldn't want to do anything else, nor would I know how to at this point. 

Operating out of the great San Francisco Bay Area, I was educated at Ex'Pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA where I earned my B.S. in Animation and Visual Effects. From there I helped found and develop the photography department at e-commerce startup thredUP where I had the privilege to shoot and edit commercial fashion photography for nearly two years.  I am currently to be found with the best bunch of creatives this side of the Bay, The Werehaus, where I am the in-house Director of Photography and editor.

I am equally at ease shooting intimate weddings and portraits as I am on a large commercial set.  From 35mm analogue film to the latest RED digital cinema cameras, I embrace both old and new methods and consider them all a means to what really matters: the story and the image.  






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